Fantasy Football 101


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This is an introduction to Fantasy Football, complete with all that you need to get started, from the basics of football to the intricacies of Fantasy Football leagues and scoring.

This course established last year will take you from a football and Fantasy Football novice to a strong understanding of what both football and Fantasy Football are.

The Skill Positions and Drafts


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This course explains the nuances, intricacies, pitfalls, and fantasy football trends for each of the Fantasy Football positions: Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Kicker, and Defense/Special Teams.

By the end of this course you will have a firm understanding of each Fantasy Football position, including draft approaches.

Draft Optimization: Class 1 - Setting Baselines

Football & Keyboard

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Our first Draft Optimization class teaches you how to build a framework for Fantasy Football analysis that will serve you all season long and for many years to come.

We will establish end of season betas and grades for nearly every Fantasy Football relevant player in the NFL, including NFL defenses.

Draft Optimization: Class 2 - Offensive Lines

x's and o's showing a football play

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Few Fantasy Football players spend nearly as much time on offensive lines as they should.

In this class we perform analysis on each individual offensive lineman and then cut, dice, and splice the data into summary analysis of each NFL team’s offensive line in terms of both run and pass blocking.

Lessons learned in class 2 will solidify your Fantasy Football knowledge and skills in ways you have likely never imagined.

Draft Optimization: Class 3 - Fantasy Risk


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Knowing the quality of the defenses, down to each of the players on that defense, can be the difference between a fantasy win and a fantasy loss.

The class begins with pulling in each of the starters on each NFL team, along with a very intricate grade of each player from a proven external source. In the end we have separate team grades for defensive lines, pass rush, pass defense, and rush defense.

This is another crucial class leading to your Fantasy Football draft expertise.

Draft Optimization: Class 4 - Putting It All Together

Gold Trophy

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Here we use the cutting-edge Fantasy Football analysis techniques presented in the first three classes and drive toward projections for every fantasy relevant player for the 2016 season, including draft rankings.

By the end of class four you will be better prepared for your upcoming drafts as you have ever been.  Whether new to Fantasy Football or a long-time player, our Draft Optimization course is your ticket to Fantasy Football success.