FREE – Course 1: Fantasy Football 101

Fantasy Football 101 – the NFL and Fantasy Football

Hello!  And welcome to FFE’s Fantasy Football 101 Course.  I am very excited to begin teaching everything you need to know about Fantasy Football!

This is an introduction to Fantasy Football, complete with all that you need to get started, from the basics of football to the intricacies of Fantasy Football leagues and scoring.

It begins with an overview of the NFL, including the teams, divisions and schedules.  There are also overviews of both offense and defense in the NFL, coverage of the various Fantasy Football position groups, and explanations of various statistics.

From there we move into the history of Fantasy Football and conclude with a look at Fantasy Football drafting systems and leagues scoring systems.

This 42-minute course (or 15 minute short version) will take you from a football and Fantasy Football novice to a strong understanding of what both football and Fantasy Football are.  It is essential to people new to Fantasy Football, and it lays the foundation for our subsequent courses.

I look very forward to helping you take the first steps for your fun filled, championship winning, Fantasy Football pursuit.

This course is yours free.

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