Course 3: Draft Optimization, Class 1 – Establishing Baselines

Draft Optimization, Class 1: Setting Baselines – Starting with the Previous Season


Welcome to the first step in being more prepared for your drafts than ever before.  Our first Draft Optimization class teaches you how to build a framework for Fantasy Football analysis that will serve you all season long and for many years to come.

The class begins with an overview of Microsoft Excel.  All of the Fantasy Football analysis that I run and will teach is performed in Excel.  There is nothing overly complicated, and you will easily learn parts that you do not already know.

In the class I explain and show how the new season starts where the previous season ended.  We will establish end of season grades for nearly every Fantasy Football relevant player in the NFL, including NFL defenses.  Then I explain the market analysis concept of beta, and how I use it in my Fantasy Football analysis.  From there we calculate a beta for every QB, RB, WR, and TE in the league.  That is our baseline upon which to later arrive at our pre-draft rankings in class 4.

This class is in two parts totaling 80 minutes (or a 14 minute short version).

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