Course 3: Draft Optimization, Class 3 – Fantasy Risk

Draft Optimization, Class 3: Fantasy Risk – The Defenses


Welcome to the third step in making you a true Fantasy Football draft expert.  In this installment of the Draft Optimization course we look at the NFL defenses.

Every week each of the season your fantasy starters face a significant risk in the defenses that they face.  Knowing the quality of the defenses, down to each of the players on that defense, can be the difference between a fantasy win and a fantasy loss.

The 45 minute class (or 18 minute short version) begins with pulling in each of the starters on each NFL team, along with a very intricate grade of each player from a proven external source.  Then we aggregate each of the players, along with their grades, into their respective units.  In the end we have separate aggregate, or team, grades for defensive lines, pass rush, pass defense, and rush defense.

Once we have our aggregate grades we take the results and convert them into an expected fantasy points allowed for each team against the four main Fantasy Football positions: QB, RB, WR, and TE.

This is another crucial class leading to your Fantasy Football draft expertise.  I am very anxious to teach you the nuances of analyzing NFL defenses for Fantasy Football purposes.

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