Course 3: Draft Optimization, Class 4 – Putting It All Together

Draft Optimization, Class 4: Putting It All Together – Player Projections for the 2016 Season


Welcome the fourth and final class on making you a Fantasy Football draft expert.  Here we use all of the things we learned in the first three classes and drive toward projections for every fantasy relevant player for the 2016 season, including draft rankings.

We begin with converting the 2015 file that we built in class one into a 2016 file ready for season projections.  From there we account for all of the offseason player movement, including how the change affects the player, the new team, and the other fantasy players on that team.  After that we incorporate the 2016 NFL schedule and prepare it for use in calculating our player betas.  We also make adjustments to the expected fantasy points allowed by defenses, based on the new information we have gathered in the player movements.  Then we create expected fantasy points scored for all of our fantasy relevant players and use our betas to generate thorough 2016 projections for all QBs, RBs, WRs, and TEs.

Class 4 is the most involved and longest class, running in three parts and totaling two hours and 15 minutes (or a 28 minute short version).  Take your time and watch any challenging sections as much as needed.

I know that you will be a much better Fantasy Football player than you have ever been after taking these courses.  I am extremely excited to bring them to you.

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